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Fri Dec 29 14:57:23 EST 2006

Dear SCV Member and "Virginia Dispatch" (Va-SCV E-mail List) Subscriber:


In an ongoing effort to provide Virginia Division SCV members with cost
effective and quality web-based services, the Virginia Division Executive
Council has authorized our transition to a new web domain environment and
informational e-mail list.


New Virginia Division, SCV, Web Site Address:  www.scvva.org


Effective today, the Virginia Division, SCV's, web site address has changed
to:  www.scvva.org <http://www.scvva.org/> .  If you have the old website
address in your web browser's "favorites" listing, you may want to replace
the old address with this one.


The old website at www.va-scv.org <http://www.va-scv.org/>  will have a
"forwarding" utility in place for most of 2007 which will automatically
redirect visitors from the old website to the new website at www.scvva.org
<http://www.scvva.org/> .


New Virginia Division, SCV, E-mail List:  VaCourier at SCVVa.org


In addition, effective today, the "Virginia Dispatch" e-mail list has been
converted to the "Virginia Courier" at VaCourier at SCVVa.org


For those of you receiving this e-mail who're already members of the
"Virginia Dispatch" e-mail list, you don't need to do a thing.  Your e-mail
address has been automatically transferred to the new e-mail server of the
"Virginia Courier".


If you're receiving this e-mail from a fellow SCV member, and you're not
already a member of the Virginia Division's e-mail list, SCV members may
join the e-mail list by registering at the following website:


By registering at the above listed web site, the Virginia Division Webmaster
will verify your SCV membership and send you a confirming e-mail that you've
been added to the distribution list of the "Virginia Courier".


Please be aware, the "Virginia Courier" e-mail list is not a discussion
group.  It is used solely to distribute informational e-mails regarding
upcoming events or business issues associated with the operations of the
Virginia Division.  Only a few Virginia Division Executive Committee members
have access to post news or other items to the list, therefore there isn't
any risk that you will be inundated with non-essential e-mails or spam.  The
e-mail list is not published, sold or leant to other organizations.


Also, be aware that the standard Virginia Division Executive Committee
officer e-mail addresses have changed.  The new e-mail addresses are listed
immediately below.  If you have any Division Executive Committee Officer
e-mail addresses ending in "@va-scv.org" in your e-mail contact lists,
please update them to the new ending "@scvva.org".


Virginia Division Executive Committee standard officer e-mail addresses:


Commander B. Frank Earnest, Sr. - Commander at scvva.org

1st Lt. Commander John N. Sawyer - 1stLtCmdr at scvva.org

2nd Lt. Commander Grayson R. Jennings - 2ndLtCmdr at scvva.org

Adjutant / Treasurer Christopher J. Evans - Adjutant at scvva.org

Inspector Joseph "Joe" H. Wright - Inspector at scvva.org

Quartermaster M. Keith Morris, Jr. - Quartermaster at scvva.org

Chaplain Tim D. Manning - Chaplain at scvva.org

Archivist Michael A. Rose - Archivist at scvva.org


If you have any further questions regarding this transition to the new
Virginia Division web infrastructure, please forward them to me at
adjutant at scvva.org.


If you have update requests associated with the web site or technical
questions regarding the new e-mail list or e-mail server operations, please
forward them to the Virginia Division Webmaster at rebmaster at scvva.org.


Thank you for being an integral part of the Virginia Division, Sons of
Confederate Veterans.


Faithfully submitted,

Christopher J. Evans

Adjutant, Virginia Division, SCV


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